Hello Hello...
Yeap I missed so much to write this word on my page, to share something for you !!!
Hi guys!! I came finally. I submitted all my final submissions and I am here. Finally my summer vacation started.
My semester was started early, so it finished a month earlier than other universities.

I spent a tiring and long year. i hadn't have time to catch my breath. Being 2. year student in faculty of architecture made me tired but I completed all missions yes!! I am starting to write blog again yay!! :)

I hadn't shared anything during semester even though I checked all comments from my lovely readers and I replied them. I have formed bonds of friendship with the DM. Luckily, I'm telling you, a good thing you read what I wrote that makes me want to write. :)

If collected gifts dont be shared with others, they dont increase in value. Incoming postcards, letters, gifts may start to lose their value I think. Therefore, I share them with you and It makes them easier to remember for a long time.

Today, I will share another memory on my blog.

I will explain incoming mail from Korea. From Sunbaenim :) You may ask why I am calling him as sunbae, why not oppa? Because he is a soldier and there is a sense of respect between us. I guess there are many things that I will learn from him. He is a real sunbae :)

It came to me in beginning of the spring semester but I was quite busy so Im sharing now.  Pleasant readings!! :)

I guess I have a really big problem with Kakaotalk. 
When I change my ID and open a new Kakao, I can not reach to my some friends. 
When I searched, I couldnt find them even they are not hidden accounts. 
I find my friends When I give up my hopes everytime.

I mention about that on my previous post. Kakaotalk unaccounted matter of fact -.-

A day. Knock knock. and a mail comes from Korea. What is that?! 
It is a gift from my friend who I can not reach to talk. 
Should I be happy to see it or should I be sad to not be able to reach my friend?

The first thing that came to my mind is to look address on mail but 
I m not good at reading Koreans handwriting.  

I tried one more time to search on Kakao and 
I saw my friend account finally!!

Just think. Your mail arrived to your friend and she added you late on Kakao. 
What can your friend think about you? As you think, I was put in an awkward position. 

Luckily I have understanding friends. :)
Anyway Lets start to see the gifts together!


When I opened the mail , this candle was the cause of nice scent.

Essential gift in every mail is tea bag and coffee!
and Maxim!! 
I really want to drink Maxim but I dont know it is halal or not. 
Therefore I keep it for now.


Huge tea bag! Quality of bag is very nice. ㅅ.ㅅ
 I guess each tea bag is enough for my family hahaha  


Face-pack. I dont use it because of its value. I need more to use ehueheueh


Sunbaenim works for Korea Naval Forces. He thought fit it to send :) 
감사해요 선배님!ㅅ.ㅅ


Korean poetry book.
I fell in love with its color and its texture.
I am sure that when I can read it I will fall in love these lines of poetry too.
This is a really meaningful gift for me.


Omg what is these all drawings?! ㅅ.ㅅ 
Animal drawings are so cute, right? :)
He had written that your korean writing was better than mine lol

Guys Did you like incoming gifts? 
Thanks for reading my post :)
We need more friends for nice bonds of friendship!



Lets see the bonus ehuehe

It came from Korea too.
Unnim my dear sister is like a real sister. 

A covered letter to celebrate my new year and her best wishes for me ㅅ.ㅅ

My favourite Kakaotalk emoticons.
I may use them on my phone ehuehe


Yeap!! This is another end of my blog writing. Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any question youcan ask me. I will try to help :) Goodbye for now!! 

By the way.. I'm in summer vacation now. 
If you make suggestion for movie to me, I am here! 
My first choice: sci-fi, horror or adventure on imdb upwards of 7 point. 
Thank you guys see ya! ㅅ.ㅅ