I am so happy for sharing a new post with you all! I submitted my final project, so new posts are coming! yay!!

Today I will introduce my korean gifts which came from my Korean friend Seowon. Firsty, I wanna say something about it.

Our friendship's been  almost 3 years. I really love her, she is my first korean friend. My first korean friendship experience and first penfriend as well. Shortly, she has a special place.

Nevertheless, I was feeling sad time to time while I was thinking that our bond of friendship may drift away. I wonder that after 1-2 years will we go on to speak like now? I thought about that sometimes.
Why Im telling all things to you, because I lived a bad event and I wanna share it with you.

2 months ago I changed my mobile phone number and I had to take a new KaTalk ID. Thefore, I wanted ID’s of my all friends and wrote them on a paper.

When I opened a new account I added my friends one by one but.. I couldnt find Seowon. When I searched her ID, there was no one, I felt so sad.

 I searched her time to time. I was thinking that she may have closed her ID for searching. Unfortunatelly I got no result. I found a way and I sent an email.
 When we met first, we chatted on email. I sent an email to that address but I got no result again. Finally I decided to send a letter.
 I explained all event and I said that I couldnt find you. At this time I had been searching on KaTalk.

Then one day,A mail came to home from Seowon. Huge packet.. 

When I least expect it. When I thought that our bond of friendship really drifted away.

I opened that and I was shocked because she prepared many gifts. Last year I sent a mail and this year she sent me .After I got it, I wanted to search again her ID. If I can not, I decided to wait she takes my mail. But. Omg. Really? I found!! How?! Rally I dont know but I really found her. I tried many times it worked. I felt complicated. It sounds strange doesnt it?
Immediately I sent a message and we started to talk again. I explained all events we noticed that both of us felt sorry because contact lost.

Our bond of friendship is very strong, I noticed that time.
Within 1-2 weeks, she got my mail and expressed her regrets. I really made an effort to reach her :(
God willing! It is going on well now! We understood importance of our interdependence. .

I got her new mail address, now I feel relax cuz If I lost her again, I can find her easily ehueheu

It was such a memory,I shared it because I wanna share my happiness with you :)

 Lets go on to see all gifts!! click click !

Firstly, I wanna show this packet.  

How cute!! I feel your lovely heart dear! :)
Türkiye Tavşan İnsanlar :D  
Okay Im explaining now :D 터키(Turkey) 토끼(Rabbit) 사람,
 Sometimes while Im introducing myself, I tell it, because I like this consonance,plus, I love rabbit :D When It is translated to Turkish, It became Türkiye Tavşan İnsanlar lol how cute :)
I had wrote a sentence on my Katalk profile. She translated it but how? :)
Some meetings are destiny became some meetings are convicted haha my cute friend I love you!!

And there are some translations about our friendship :) I can eat all one by one ehuehueh

Shall we start?? Lets see gifts!

It is an activity book to study Korean. It includes pics, like elementary school level.
I am good at grammar but I have some problems to memorize words, so I like this book.
 Price 5,000 WON


2 notebooks.I loved BOTH- OF-THEM!

On cover of first notebook, there are sentences from up to down. I like this writing style.
 Especially in the Far East this style was used at past time. 
If you watch historical dramas you may feel as me.
On second one, there is a pics of historical house.
Both of them are source of happiness for me, cuz I collect nice notebooks. .


These cute things are postcards. My dear friend must chose according to my pleasure.

First one is Namsan Tower. Second one is called as number one door of South Korea.  
Each postcard is 1,000 WON


As you can see, it is henna. When I saw it first, I thought that it was a hand cream. After I searched, I understood It is applied to fingers and it made orange color. It is known as Garden Balsam.
If you watched, A Millionaire’s First Love , you may remember she applied it his fingers and close on them.
Price 1,000 WON


Chocolate! Unfortunatly I can not eat them cuz They may not be halal. 
If I ask and she replies me it is halal,
 thats okay I can eat that time :D


Tea bags, coffee, sweets. I dont eat sweet but usually I drink warm drinks.


Adhesive plasters!! It affects to say that Immediately I should injure myself :D how cute!!
I wanted to order on the internet but I couldnt find. 
There were huge packets and they were too expensive, so I couldnt get it.
When I see this cuteness, I felt happy!:)
There are 20 pieces.


What is that?? Dont ask it cuz It is not necessary, it is thimble as you know :D

I make some hand made gifts for Seowon, so she cares of my fingers and sent it to me, 
dear dear dear friend! :)

After I saw it, Our dialogue

-Aaa there is on your culture?
-Aaa I hadnt known that, is there on your country?
Mutual surprise :D


Seowon had asked me that I used hair band or dont and I replied her yes I use. 
And then ta daa!
She hadnt forgot to add it, there is korean alphabet on it. Debak!! .


Carefully folding letters
I felt admiration when I saw it first :D

Finally, the cutest gifts in packet.Stamps. There are korean words on them even there isㅋㅋㅋ  :D and little notebook to apply these stamps.
You should press to this little yellow box to get yellow color on stamps.I havent used it yet.

Thanks for reading my post guys! This is my first english post. 
If you like, I wanna go on to write. Sorry for my half English but I took pleasure while writing.

Lots of Love!!
Hope we can meet on next post, You can ask whatever you want. Click click!!

Take Care of Yourself!! \^^/


  1. Yazınız ilgi çekici, bana da beklerim :)

    1. ilginiz için teşekkür ederim, tabiki de çok memnun olurum :)

  2. İts very nice letters. Thank you for your sharing your experience :) and your English is awesome. I can understand when I read. But I couldn't build like this sentences. Can u recommend anything for improving? ^^

    1. Thank you so much :) You mean in English? or Korean? Which language do you wanna improve? I m gonna try to help you :)


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