How Do I Study Korean? -study myself

Hi everyone!

I hope this post can help you all :)
Subject which I wanna mention is how we can study Korean without going course.

Learning a language is not easy as we know. 
If language that you are learning is your 3rd, 4th language,
 It may be easy to learn a new language 
because you may have some methods to study.

But if it is not your 3rd, 4th language? I mean it may be your 2nd foreign language and 
you may not have any methods to study well.

As you know, almost everyone’s second language is English. We call it 1st foreign language.
 So, Are you ready to make Korean our 2nd foreign language?

Yes, WE ARE!!

If we decided to do that, lets start to somewhere. 
We should take the first step.

 1) First thing we should learn Korean alphabet.

We are faced with a different alphabet that includes E, O etc more than one. 
Firstly, we should understand all characters. 
Why are some characters more than one? Because their pronunciations are different.

 If you notice that, you can understand; 
when Korean people speak, they pronounce some characters with different ways.

When we put some characters one after the other,
 some of them may not be read or some of them may change to another character.

Don’t tighten up yourself. It is solved in time. 
But if you really want to learn, you can learn in a day, believe me! 

And then you can read Korean writings easily :)

Okay. I learned alphabet. But I haven’t memorized any words, 

and I wanna speed up read. What's gonna happen now? What should I do?

You take a pen and start to write something in Hangul.
It means in your own language but you use Korean alphabet.

 Even while you are listening music, talking with friends, waiting in an idle class,
 You can write whatever you want. It may be a song lyrics, or your thoughts etc etc.

허자 겔메디  스클듬 ( hoca gelmedi sıkıldım.)
 It means Teacher has not came and I get bored( in my own language Turkish)

You may find it funny but, It works!
 You can start to write fastly, even if it is not in Korean, 
you can start to write and read fastly.

After that you can study well to memorize.

In that time you can try to learn some words and 
you can try to keep in mind while writing.

You can write when you are in free time.

Good morning, hello, goodbye, how are you, okay, no problem, are you sure etc 
You can try to write basic Korean words and sentence which you hear from K-dramas.

Okay, you took control of alphabet. And now, what should you do?

I laid the foundations of my Korean with a Turkish- Korean blog. It helped me so much.
 Especially I studied time expressions on this website:

You know Korean is an inflected language according to time. So, firstly I learned how to use them.

If you know it, you can study well other grammar rules too.

2) Colors, numbers, important sentences and words, days, months etc. 
Shortly, When you studied for your 1st foreign language, what did you learn first? You can study them, they are basic grammar subjects I mean.

And before studying, be sure your source is correct or not.

If you think that your english is enough to study Korean in English,
You can use this website

On this website, there are 6 parts according to levels.

Each part is continuation of previous part.

You can listen how these sentences are read, and you can take a look all words on the top of page.

Sentences are related to given words.

Believe me, after this website, I started to talk better with my Korean friends.

Even there is a friend who calls me 한국 사람(Korean) :)

3) While you are studying, you can keep in touch with Korean friends. 
They may help you to improve yourself.

You can learn Korean Slangs with this way. You know there are many slangs in Korean. 
Generally we see them in K-dramas but we may not find their explanation on internet.

So, make friends!

And don't only text

4) you can record voice and video for improving your Korean

You can study before recording video what you will speak. It helps to speed up your speaking.

5)You can take notes of grammar rules on small notebooks and you can carry them easily wherever you go.

6)If you don’t repeat and reread, you may forget all you learned. So, you should be in a struggle for improving yourself.

Dont watch K-dramas for nothing. Try to learn something from them.

You can learn slangs, daily words etc thanks to K-dramas.

Imagine that when you say !! , there is a friend who is shocked! Haha
My friend was shocked and asked me where did you learn it ?

And I said, Kill me Heal me.

This drama taught me some words as  , and I use them in daily life.
It is the best sample that I can give you.

7) You can buy cute notebooks and stuff to study and have fun while studying.
Because they are desirable for studying.

8) You can draw your writing with highlighter.

When you are in free time, 
You can find the most important parts of rules and study well.

That’s all for now. I hope I could help you.
I mentioned about my experiences. 
If you have others, you can share with us on comment.

Have a nice day friends^^

You can do it, We can do it 
Fighting!! :)