Gifts for PENPALS- What can you send in an envelope?

Hi everyone!!

I wanna suggest you something on this post. It is about what you can send to your penpals as a gift.

Some friends send me direct message on Instagram, so I see fit to share a post about gifts.
Lets see together!!

You can prefer magnetic bookmarker.
Nice notebooks which have nice covers and not be heavy, and also
cute pens make your friends happy :)

Sticking papers to take notes can be preferred.
I use them while studying and writing letters to penpals.

You can buy cute stickers. Kawaii!! :)
Also, Stickers which represent your country may catch your penpal's attention.

Hand-made purse, sleep mask and bookmarker can be preferred.

You can buy small greeting cards.
Generally I prefer to write nothing because penpals may
want to use it for writing something to their penpals.

You can send small snacks in envelope.

Small games, washi tapes can be sent.

Postcard, notebook, sweet, chocolate, tea bag, chewing gum, can be preferred.
They eat with real pleasure :)

I sent notebook sticker to introduce turkish culture which is
related to Pepee( Turkish Cartoon Character) :)

Design papers are good to write letter. You can find them in stationery as origami paper.

You can send coins.
Some collector friends may want you to send them to collect.

What does it mean Mail Tag ?

You can ask questions on Mail Tag paper.
Favourite meal, favourite movie
If you were a hero, what would you like to do? etc etc
You can ask interesting questions what you wondered.

You can shrink-wrap snacks to not be damaged.

Actually I should have introduced them in other post because
it was the biggest envelope I sent :D

There were 2 notebooks, sweet, chocolate, chewing gum, washi tapes,
sticking papers, stickers, hand-made gifts, pencil, sticking hearts,
postcards, nail art stickers etc etc

You can send magnet, keyholder, bookmarker which are symbolized your country and city.

I am preparing a packet to send my Korean Friend which includes gifts related to my city.
I will share them on a new post near future :)

See you later
I hope I could help you

So Long!! :)